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Product Description

SPC Premium Aqua Enamel a low VOC compliant, fast drying, very high gloss, heavy viscosity water reducible alkyd coating, ready to spray, and intended for industrial finishing and refinishing applications, It can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed with airless spray equipment.

SPC HVLP Aqua Enamel is a thinner viscosity water reducible, ready to spray, alkyd enamel formulated to be applied with HVLP, conventional air, or air-assisted airless Spray Equipment.

General Information

Surface Preparation: all surfaces should be cleaned of dirt, salt, oil, grease, chemical deposits, and other surface contaminants by washing with a commercial detergent or suitable cleaner.  Glossy surfaces should be roughed up to insure good adhesion.     Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.   Surface should be dry when painted.

Application: both formulas are “ready to spray”.    If any reduction is necessary, reduce only with “VERY HOT (BOILING) WATER”.  A light mist coat may be applied immediately followed by a heavier second coat, or in many cases a heavier first coat, evenly applied, will provide adequate hiding and coverage, depending on the color and surface condition of container to be painted.   We recommend using medium 3/8” soft woven covers when rolling and .013 to .015 tip size for airless spray applications.

Recommended Application:  Without question, High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray equipment.  Due to high transfer efficiency, the use of this type of equipment will cut normal paint consumption by a minimum of 25% when properly used and maintained     the lack of, or low, “over spray” creates a safer environment and improves working conditions.   Call Pete Fairlamb at Phoenix Sales & Service, 1-800-511-3474; to discuss first hand the advantages and cost savings this equipment will give your container department.

Dry Times:  Water based coatings are affected by 3 things: mil thickness, air movement, and heat.  If evenly applied at the recommended MIL thickness, both formulas should be dry to the touch in 20 to 30 minutes and ready to handle in 45 minutes.  Of course, increased airflow and humidity control are essential to the satisfactory performance of any water reducible coating.

Recommended Thickness:  4 to 5 MIL of wet paint or 1 to 1.25 MIL dry.

Clean up: use water clean up for spray guns and equipment.   Should something stronger be required on dry hardened paint, use only Butyl Cellosolve, which can be ordered through customer service.

Benefits of SPC Aqua Enamel Coatings

          VOC compliant

        No flash point due to the presence of water.  Will not ignite.

          Choice of two products formulated for type of application and equipment used.

          Easy to apply.    Ready to spray. Reduced only with “very hot (boiling) water when required.

          One coat coverage in most cases.

          Fast air-drying.

          Very high gloss.

          Excellent gloss retention and fad resistance.

          Good adhesion and early moisture resistance.

          Good flexibility and mar resistance.

          Water clean up.

          Low odor for better working conditions.

          Most common waste industry colors in stock for immediate shipment.

          SPC will gladly match a specific color requirement at competitive prices.

          Aerosol touch-up available in many colors.

          Having a customer service department whose only function is to make your life easier.

          Having a sales representative who spends all his time calling on and working with the waste industry.    

No one knows your business better or understands your paint problems better than Phoenix Sales & Service.


Contact information for Pete Fairlamb
1935 South Plum Grove Road, # 122
Palatine, IL  60067

Phone: 708-358-7421
FAX: 708-358-2916
Toll Free: 800-511-3474


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