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Operating under the name of Phoenix Sales & Service in Palatine, Illinois, Pete Fairlamb has called on the waste industry as a manufacturer’s representative specializing in compliant coatings for all kinds of applications since 1988.  Having “pushed” compliant water-based paint before most in the industry were ready to accept it, there are few problems or situations we haven’t experienced. With today’s water-based enamels formulated to perform as well, or better, than most conventional solvent based paints used in the past, our emphasis now is on productivity and painting cost reduction through improved application efficiency.

Phoenix Sales & Service is responsible for the growth and development of this market and we now ship to waste industry customers in all 50 states and parts of Canada. 

Anyone can sell you paint, but no one makes it better!    And, few can match our consistent quality, service levels, and understanding of your business!

We’re easy to do business with and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!!  


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Contact information for Pete Fairlamb
1935 South Plum Grove Road, # 122
Palatine, IL  60067

Phone: 708-358-7421
FAX: 708-358-2916
Toll Free: 800-511-3474


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